Recent Stuff

Molly Danielle Ranch RoadSaw the doctor for fibromyalgia and am trying a gluten-free diet for 2 months. Hopefully symptoms will improve. If not, then I will try a dairy-free diet…yikes! No cheese would be a hardship for sure.

Here are some recent works. “Danielle” is from a couple of Tuesday ago, and “Molly” was today’s effort. “Ranch Road was a pastel from the weekend. Not quite daily painting, but moving in that direction!

Back from Flu

Jess on Cardboard, Oil, 12 x 18 Portrait Class Week 3, Oil, 16 x 12 California Highway, Pastel, 9 x 12 Country Road, Pastel, 5 x 7Had the flu for the first time in 20 years–hoping not to have it again for another 20!

Flu wasn’t too bad but the lingering cough and fatigue have been hard to deal with.

Getting back into the swing of things though. Here is a portrait from an old photo from WAG’s figure group, and a painting from portrait class. I forgot a canvas panel so painted on cardboard. Very freeing! And finally, a couple of pastels.

2nd version of “Black Hat”

Black Hat 2Had so much fun painting this that I want to see what happens in a second version. I am pretty happy with the first version, but I want to get a bit more likeness if I can. We’ll see what happens!

Next week I will try a variety of new small, fast oil and pastel landscapes paintings.

Day 11

Stage 1 PortraitFirst stage of portrait, “Däna”, laying in big shapes of dark and light. Tried it in portrait class last Wed with so-so results, and decided to try it again.